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North Philly State Representative W. Curtis Thomas doesn’t think anyone in PA should be allowed to shop for wine or liquor after 11pm.   According to his bill HB 1371, no store in the state would be allowed to stay open past 11 on any day of the week.  The strange thing is that the Liquor Control Board already gets to decide what operating hours are for every liquor store in the state.  I suppose that was not enough central control over the lives of others for Rep. Thomas.   Here’s a great example of a bill that if passed would make everyone slightly less free.  Please let Mr. Thomas know that you are able to decide for yourself what time you would like to do your shopping.

Call To Action

Chime in on Curtis Thomas’ Facebook page

Is Curtis Thomas your state rep? Give him a call and tell him what you think:
Philadelphia Office – (215) 560-3261
Harrisburg Office – (717) 787-9471

The bill is currently before the PA House Liquor Control Committee.  Contact the chair Adam Harris or any other member and tell them to ignore the bill.

Talking Points:

  • Shop owners should be free to decide when they want to be open for business.
  • There is no need to address a local issue with a law that affects every store in the state.
  • PA Liquor laws restrict competition and hurt consumers.
  • There is no reason the state needs to monopolize the liquor and wine business. Sell the state stores and give the money back to the taxpayers.