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Last week the heroes of liberty in the PA House passed a bill that removes some of the restrictions on Pennsylvania Bingo players.  State Representative Kate Klunk (R. York) introduced bill HB411 that increases the maximum prize that can be awarded for any one Bingo game from $250 to $500.  The bill also removes the current restriction preventing associations from conducting Bingo more than two days in one week.

While I generally support any bill that moves in the direction of liberty, this hardly seems like enough.  Even if the bill passes, here are some of the restrictions that will remain.

  • Crony Bingoism – Only certain non-profit associations like volunteer firehouses are allowed to apply for a Bingo license. Companies, political groups, and individuals – Sorry.  No Bingo for you.
  • Associations must apply to get permission from the state and pay a fee to be allowed to “conduct” Bingo.
  • Any association that wishes to conduct Bingo must have been in operation for at least two years.
  • If you have been convicted of a Felony, you are not allowed to call Bingo numbers.  Ever.

Why does anyone believe they have the right to tell others when or where they can play Bingo?

Call to Action

The bill is currently before the PA Senate Finance Committee.  Hit up Chairman Scott Hutchinson on Facebook and encourage his committee to report the bill to the Senate.

Even Better – Ask your state representative to go all the way and sponsor a bill to fully deregulate Bingo.