Submitted for the LPPA by Nick Sullivan


For the second year in a row, the PA General Assembly has passed an unbalanced appropriations bill and Gov. Wolf has decided to let it pass without his signature. Over the last year the state collected over a billion dollars less than originally estimated, but that did not stop the General Assembly from adding another $450 million in spending to this year’s budget which has a deficit of $2 billion.


In the PA Constitution Article VIII Section 13(a) it states, “Operating budget appropriations made by the General Assembly shall not exceed the actual and estimated revenues and surplus available in the same fiscal year.”

In the PA Administrative Code Article VI Section 618(a) it states, “The Governor shall item veto any part of any appropriation bill that causes total appropriations to exceed the official estimate plus any unappropriated surplus.”


PA is currently operating under a Democratic Governor and Republican General Assembly. Both major parties are to blame for this blatant disregard for our state’s Constitution as well as its laws. In 2018, the people of Pennsylvania will have the power to hold these public servants accountable for their failures. There is another option in the Libertarian Party. 

In response to this lawlessness, the State Chair of the Libertarian Party, Drew Bingaman, said, ”Typical of Harrisburg, they cannot come to a balanced budget because nobody will do what needs done, which is cut spending. Too many special interests rely on these budgets and nobody is willing to give up their piece of the pie. Meanwhile the people of the Commonwealth continue to be robbed blind barely able to make ends meet.”

Steven Brenize, Secretary for the Libertarian Party in PA added the following on the state of the Commonwealth, “The state legislature and executive branch has continued its trend of solving problems that they themselves caused with band aids and partisan indecision. For multiple decades Harrisburg has been negligent in its defined duties, instead focusing on the amount of revenue it can suck out of our communities while adding no value. The commonwealth government has become nothing more than a high-rate loan shark that taxes our communities with the sole purpose of getting their cut and adding costs and hurdles to projects in communities across the state. The Libertarian Party seeks to work with citizens around the commonwealth to elect a government that will empower and strengthen our communities instead of threatening and punishing innovation.”

Don’t let career politicians get away with kicking the can down the road and not making the hard decisions now. Vote for real fiscal responsibility and liberty in 2018 or even better run for office yourself and let’s clear out the career politicians. Our great nation, founded on the principles of liberty was formed in this state and it is past time we return to those principles and reign in the behemoth that is Harrisburg.


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