Submitted by David B Beaver

Businessman, inventor, novelist and long-time Libertarian and political activist Ken Krawchuck announced October 1, 2017 his candidacy for governor of Pennsylvania. The gathering to view the announcement was a small and friendly, but not at all unlively one. The first hour of the event consisted of a friendly meet and greet I which Mr. Krawchuck to took the time to shake hands with and meet each supporter individually. In doing so he engaged each attendee with a warm greeting and friendly demeanor and even offered a bit of lighthearted humor, at one point even displaying an impeccable Donald Duck impression with uncanny perfection. In showing his human side, however, he did not fail to present the attributes of a bold leader and skilled public speaker.


When he took the stage the gubernatorial candidate delivered a stirring speech with passion, eloquence, and unmatched intellect. It is no doubt this third party candidate will give his other two opponents a run for their money. While speaking he criticized Pennsylvania and its government on a wide variety of issues ranging from what he described as an oppressive drug policy, a racist court system, out of control government growth, spending and taxation, and even a militarized police force. He also called for an end to second-class citizenship for homosexuals, minorities, and other groups he asserted were being unfairly treated by the state government, citing, for example, the states refusal to acknowledge a recent federal decision on marriage equality.


“We need a separation of marriage and state,” Krawchuck said. “Just as we have a separation of church and state.”

Despite his strong libertarian beliefs during the time of questioning, he presented intelligent and even unexpected answers to questions going beyond libertarian stereotypes and cliches. When asked about education for example while touting the advantages of private and charter schools (which he noted educate students for half the cost of their public alternatives) he also advocated expanded options for parents, which would include allowing parents to send their children to any public school they desire rather than limiting them to their district of residency and allocating educational funding appropriately.


He acknowledged the race to win the governor's seat would be a difficult one especially due to biased election laws that require him to gather nearly triple the signatures of his Republican and Democrat opponents and even harshly fining third-party gubernatorial candidates who had failed to do so. This, he said was despite the fact the state constitution (which he held in his hand throughout most of the speech and referred to as his “job description and advocated its teaching as an educational standard in public schools) stated, “All elections shall be free and equal”. Indeed it would seem Pennsylvania election law and ballot access requirements have failed to adhere to this constitutional requirement.


Despite this, however, he was very enthusiastic at his chances of winning especially, he said if his supporters could drive voter turnout, which in recent elections has been at an all-time low across the state.


The reaction of passers-by who were few and far between on this quiet Sunday afternoon at the State Capitol in Harrisburg could be described as a mix of passing curiosity and positively piqued interest. One heckler, however, was not so impressed shouting at the gathering too, “Go home!”


Despite this, Mr. Krawchuck ignored the heckler and continued unfazed to deliver his speech calling for reform in state government and an end to its many unjust policies. The crowd also agreed that the movement he advocated for was not going anywhere. Why? Because As Mr. Krawchuck and his supporters shouted several times throughout the gathering with signs to support their voice, “Enough is enough!”


As this gubernatorial candidate spoke with both passion and eloquence, and of course a touch of unmatched and superior intellect one thing became evident. This candidate was a force to be reckoned and it is no wonder the other parties are doing all they can to make sure his voice is unheard both on the stage of debate and on the ballot at the polls on election day.



Despite their efforts, however, more and more Pennsylvanians as they grow weary of the establishment that currently runs this state, “Enough is Enough!” Maybe it's time for a change.